Team Parents


  • Brandi Parke –
  • TEAM MOM LEAGUE REP (TMLR) This is your first line of contact if you should have any questions or problems. The TMLR will also contact you when the candy for your team is available for pick up and you will return your team’s candy money and paperwork to the TMLR. Your TMLR name and contact information is on your folder.
  • MANAGER Also called the Head Coach. The Manager should have already provided you with the team player list. He/she will receive the game schedule, uniforms, and trophies as they become available.
  • COACH  Also called the Assistant Coach, assistant to the Manager.
  • WAIVER Also called a Buy-Out. This refers to a player who pre-paid the fundraiser sale at registration. These players do not have to sell the fundraiser item during the season.
  • The TM must keep the players and parents up to date on everything!! Create an information sheet including important dates and the following topics to hand out to each family. The more they know, the easier it is for you.
  • PLAYER LIST Under the family login you will click on your teams name next to your name.  There you will be able to print out a Player list as well as the Manager, Coach, and Team Mom names and contact information.
  • SNACK LIST Create a snack list according to your team’s schedule (to be obtained from the Manager). Each player should be asked to bring a snack and drink for all players on the team. If there is a conflict, parents should be asked to switch dates among themselves.  ASK ABOUT ALLERGIES.

Further information will be received via email.


Location is Andrew High School South Gym
Picture date and times will be emailed to you.
Optional pre-pay on-line at
Additionally, you will want to hand out the order forms about a week before picture day (to avoid it being misplaced) along with a note for parents including the following information:

  • ask that you are notified who will and who will not be present
  • ask that everyone arrive 15 minutes prior to the assigned picture time
  • players should wear their uniforms, but not spiked shoes (if pictures are moved inside the school, spikes are not allowed – DO NOT WEAR SPIKES TO PICTURES)
  • parents are not allowed in the picture area – this will be strictly enforced
  • players should bring their completed order form envelope and it should be sealed with payment inside (the photographers will collect each envelope from the players)

TMs are responsible for keeping the team together and controlled. Also in your picture form packet (handed out by your TMLR when you pick up Candy) is an additional “Mail to Team Mom” form  that must be completed with your name and address to be handed to the photographer as all pictures will be mailed directly to you for distribution to your team. If you will not be present at Picture Day, ask another parent to do these things for you. (Be sure to give them the mailing form – extra forms will not be available on Picture Day.)
You should also notify your Manager that he/she will receive a free 5×7 photo to be taken with his/her child(ren). Please inform the Manager that he/she must pick up a special form for this freebie on Picture Day when your team checks in with the picture coordinators. There will be only one form per team; once it is handed out, there are no others for that team under any circumstances.

TEAM SHARES Team shares are to be determined by the Manager at the end of the season to ensure credit goes to those coaches who helped throughout the entire season. As the season comes to an end, please complete the Team Shares form (yellow sheet) and obtain the Manager’s signature as required. It should then be turned in as indicated on the form.
MANAGER GIFT The TM usually collects a nominal amount of money from each player in order to purchase the Manager a gift of appreciation. Some suggestions: Bobcats spiritwear, dinner or sport store certificates, etc.

PLEASE NOTE: It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that the fields are free of garbage after each game.