Tinley Park Bobcats Incident Report

Code of Conduct Violations

In an effort to provide and enforce a positive experience within the Tinley Park Bobcats, we are making an incident report form readily available to the Families and Coaches within the organization. This form is being made available to enforce the Code of Conduct. No anonymous incident reports will be investigated. If it is important enough to bring to the attention of the Ethics Committee, it is important for the Ethics Committee to be able to follow up with the complainant.

Incident reports will be brought to the attention of the Ethics Committee, respective sport Commissioner and the Board, unless one of the aforementioned is directly involved in the incident report. All incident reports will be kept confidential. The Board is made aware of the nature and details of the incident. Tinley Park Bobcats strives to create a healthy approach and environment to learning and developing skills, emphasis on teamwork, respect, sportsmanship and fairness.

If you feel that a coach, parent or child within the Tinley Park Bobcats has violated the Code of Conduct, please fill out the form below.