Board Meeting Minutes – November 13th, 2018

Tinley Park Bobcats

Board Meeting Minutes

November 13th, 2018




  • Steve Bosco, President
  • Bill Insley, Secretary
  • Dan LoConte, 2ndVice President
  • Brian Burke, Flag Football Commissioner
  • Jim Keating, Travel Baseball Commissioner



Discussion Items


  • Steve Bosco
    • All 2019 incoming commissioners have been approved.
    • December Board Meeting is up in the air. The meeting may be canceled depending on what issues are outstanding.


  • Dan LoConte
    • No discussion items for the meeting.


  • Bill Insley
    • No discussion items for the meeting.


  • Jim Keating – Travel Baseball Update
    • Discussions with Stan Tencza regarding sponsors on the Bettenhausen field wind screens.
      • According to Park District (Pat Callaghan as President), sponsors printed on windscreen is possible (Note: it was determined after the meeting that this was not true.  The Park District would allow removable sponsor signage on the windscreens).
      • Will contact Sullivan Screens for pricing.
    • Confirmation of incentives for travel baseball players on-going – question regarding Danielle Gorajski’s incentive for 2019 (v. her 2018 incentive as the Marketing Coordinator, which is no longer a position with the Bobcats.
    • October Field Days at Bettenhausen
      • The event went well on the baseball fields.
      • Only a couple of volunteers came out to assist on the softball field.
      • The shed was cleaned up and organized and ready for next season.
    • Plan is to schedule a Travel Baseball meeting in December – Location is TBD.
    • Working with Sports Huddle to set up a temporary Spirit Wear site similar to the prior year.


  • Brian Burke – Flag Football Update
    • Indoor Flag
      • Light registration numbers again – only two levels.
      • Games have started – on Tuesday nights.
      • Roma allows for just 40-yard fields.