Board Meeting Minutes – February 13th, 2018

Tinley Park Bobcats

Board Meeting Minutes

February 13th, 2018




  • Randall Goss, Treasurer
  • Bill Insley, Secretary
  • Dan LoConte, 2nd Vice President
  • Brenda Nelson, Cheer Commissioner
  • Joe Bressanelli, Baseball Commissioner
  • Jim Keating, Travel Baseball Commissioner
  • Marcia Kissane, Softball Commissioner
  • Mark Sieracki


Discussion Items


  • Dan LoConte
    • No discussion items for the meeting.


  • Bill Insley
    • No discussion items for the meeting.


  • Randy Goss
    • Year-end 2017 Financials to be provided by end of February.


  • Jim Keating
    • Question on Background Checks
    • Brandi to load the rec coaches in March so that they can all be submitted for background checks.


  • Joe Bressanelli – Baseball Update
    • Sample uniforms to be at the next walk-up registration.
      • Same uniforms as the prior year.
    • Joe Hawker sent out an e-mail blast to recruit new umpires.
      • Umpire training to take place in early March.
    • Bobcats will host three (3) tournaments this year:
      • 2018 Memorial Day Classic (12U FT and 10U FT)
      • July All-Star Tournament (9U PT for Baseball / 12U PT Travel for Softball)
        • 7/19 – 7/23
      • July Tournament (11U FT)
        • 7/11 – 7/15
      • Park District Meeting to be held on February 22nd.
      • In-house season to start on April 23rd.


  • Brenda Nelson – Cheer Update:
    • Cheer registration to open on-line on Thursday, February 15th.


  • Marcia Kissane – Softball Update:
    • Meeting took place with the Mokena and Tinley Park Bulldog organizations to join the 8U division.
      • Rule changes have been made to make it more competitive.
        • We will now keep score at this level and there will be playoffs.


  • Mark Sieracki – Manager of the 10U PT Travel Baseball Team
    • Seeks approval for a fundraiser – a raffle of various prizes.
    • Board approves.