Board Meeting January 10, 2017


  •  Steve Bosco, President
  • Stan Parke, 1st Vice-President
  • Randy Goss, Treasurer
  • Bill Insley, Secretary
  • Brandi Parke, Team Mom Coordinator
  • Tony Silvia, Baseball Commissioner
  • Danielle Gorajski, Head of Marketing
  • Ken Leonard, Field Maintenance
  • Jim Cronk, Travel Baseball Commissioner
  • Jim Keating, 12U FT Baseball & Field Coordinator
  • Brenda Nelson, Cheer Commissioner
  • Kurt Herrmann, Softball Rep
  • Philip Villasenor, Rec Soccer Commissioner


Steve (President) 

    • Meeting scheduled with John Curran of Tinley Park, Park District. Items to discuss include:
      • Adding Advertisements to Outfield Fences,
      • Permission for Control of Lights at Bettenhausen,
      • Permission to play baseball (younger levels) on Field 2 at Bettenhausen.
      • Limited # of Fields for Pony Level (13-14 Year-Olds).
    • Revisions of Bobcat Bi-Laws are now available to review on the website.

Stan (1st VP) – Received requests for Certificate of Insurance.

Dan (2nd VP) – Not in attendance 

Randy (Treasurer): 

    • Randy presented the year-to-date December 31, 2016 financials to the Board. Some of the highlights include:
      • Overall net profit for 2016
      • Spiritwear / Concessions saw revenue increases of 20%.
    • Discussion of GoOfficial website to utilize for assignment of officials and auto-scheduling for soccer & football.
      • Facilitates the preparation, filing, and issuance of Form 1099-MISC to officials.
    • Need to add Bill Insley as an authorized signor on the bank account and remove Dave Sokolowski.
    • All budgets have been received (Softball sent to Bill Insley).

Bill (Secretary):  No discussion items for the meeting.


  • Tony (Rec):
    • Fall Ball Update:
      • Discussion on Fall Ball Travel Teams v. In-House Teams is on-going.
      • Will continue to leverage partnership with Bulldogs for the Pinto level teams.
    • Spring Update:
      • Preparation has begun for the drafts
      • Continue to use Minor League teams in 2017.
      • Same uniform vendors as the prior year.
  • Jim (Travel):
    • Windy City Thunderbolts Fundraising
      • Teams receive 50% of ticket sales – $10/ticket.
    • Discussion of Umpire Assignor – currently in process.
    • Travel Manager to be scheduled.


  • Phil (Rec):
    • Officially dropped a league representative.
    • Needs to work with Steve (as interim Travel Commissioner) on locating fields.

Travel: Looking for a commissioner at this time.


  • Kurt:
    • No Update on Softball.

 Football:– No news



  • Brenda:
    • A very successful Cheer Season
    • Hines Fisher House Donation ($2,021).

Team Mom: Brandis update 

    • Dick’s Walk-In Registration Dates are set:
      • Tuesday, January 24th: 6:00PM to 8:30PM
      • Wednesday, February 8th: 6:00PM to 8:30PM
      • Saturday, March 4th: 11:00AM to 3:00PM (20% off of in-store purchases).
      • Every team should have a representative at each of the walk-in registration dates, and all sports should have a sample uniform to display.
    • Picture Day is April 30th.

Ethics: – No news


PD Liaison– No news



  • Danielle:
    • Discover Tinley dates: April 7th & April 8th – waiting on confirmation.
    • Went to Park District to discuss latest brochure containing two full pages of Bulldog advertisements
      • Next brochure in May will contain Bobcat advertisements for Fall Sports, possibly for Travel Soccer and Baseball Try-Outs.
    • Walk-up Registration dates will be posted at the Republic Bank, the Local Pipefitters Union Sign on I-80, and can potentially work with school district to advertise (possibly through virtual backpacks).

Field Maintenance (SB & BB): 

    • Ken:
      • Needs an order of materials for the spring (e.g., chalk)
      • Will discuss further with Jim Keating.


    • Jim K:
      • Would like to look into the expansion of the Home Run Board Sign.
      • Batting Cages Update – waiting on Netting Company before the work commences.

Old Business/ New Business: