Board Meeting October 11, 2016



Steve Bosco (President), Randy Goss (Treasurer), Stan Parke (VP), Brandi Parke (TM), Jim Keating & Jim Cronk (Baseball), Phil Villasenor (Soccer), Joe Bressanelli (Baseball), Bill Insley, Michelle Cerullo (Softball), Ken Leonard (Field Maintenance)

Steve (President) – No News

Stan (1st VP) – No News

Dan (2nd VP) – Not in attendance

Randy (Treasurer): – Ledgers on one drive for all sports. All forms also on one drive.  Access will be limited to what the person needs.  Meeting with SI Play and working on integrating their system further into our needs. Quote would to need to know # of teams and events for the next year, anticipated. All deposits in and done, no financials for this month.

Dave (Secretary) – Not in attendance



Rec: – No News

Travel: – Jim Cronk – No News

Shed: Jim Keating – Shed – Field day at Bettenhausen on 10-29-16. Gator should have service in November.  Batting cages… Need repairs, will get estimates for cages and Gator. Nets will have ceiling dropped to help with snow loads.  Will contact PD to see if we can water the fields or get a sprinkler system installed.



Rec: Phil Villasenor – soccer done Thursday.  For senior girls if there is same turn out, can he contact other rec leagues.  Board is ok.


No News

Indoor: Signups ongoing.  Issue with ages / birth dates on the system. Needs to get rules…




Rec: Michelle Cerullo – No news, rec season ending this week.


Football: Brian Burke via email

Super Bowl – 6th – 8th is Friday 10/21 at Freedom.  All other divisions will be at Andrew beginning at 9am and the final game beginning at 4:30pm.  I’m looking into climbing wall or other obstacle inflatables.  If people have ideas on this let me know.  I’m handling the trophies and will talk to Brandi about what we do for Pizza.  We will do a punt pass kick competition as well, wanted to host one through the NFL but that didn’t work out.

Ratings – going to ask the coaches to do ratings before the last game.  I’ll say you need to do this in order to get your trophies.  This will help for future drafts.


Indoor Winter Program – Jon can update you on any conversations he had with Roma.  Eric Macleod, my league rep for 4th – 5th  knows someone that helps run that facility, so we can use him as a resource as well.


Pro Bowl – was thinking about doing an “All Star” game after the season where coaches would coach and ref this game.  Assuming 6 teams, perhaps 2-3 from each team.  There would be no incremental cost this year, but we could look into doing something of an All Star game with shirts, etc. in future years if this trial year goes well.  Let me know if you have any feedback on this.


Cheer: No News


Team Mom: Brandis update – Candy over, however a lot outstanding checks, which she is chasing down.


Ethics: No News


PD Liaison – Joe Bressanelli – No news. Breaker fixed at field.


Marketing – Danielle Gorajski via email

Food Drive is over. We had 14 teams donate food. We had 852 items donated which is lower than last year but there’s less teams that participated.

Winning teams are:

Dolphins football 73 items

More girls travel U15 170 items

Insley baseball 98 items

Coach Brenda Cheer 50 items

What is the limit for pizza party so I can tell the coaches when I announce the winners?

Cancer walk: we reached over our goal of raising $1000.00 which is awesome!  I have extra shirts I’ll be selling at games, with all proceeds going to Making Strides.

We are brain storming ideas to start promoting Spring soon since Fall is wrapping up.


Field Maintenance (SB & BB): Ken Leonard – No News


Old Business/ New Business:


Board Positions

President – Steve Bosco

1st VP –  Stan Parke

Secretary – Bill Insley

There will be no election this year.


Commissioners will be announced at November’s Board Meeting.


Budgets are due at November’s Meeting for 2017 Year.   Meetings are set for 8:30pm for all year effective now.