Board Meeting March 8, 2016


Steve (President)

Tractor for field house is ordered from AHW. Send check request to Randy.

Irish parade was good for turnout.

Scholarship forms are out to the two high schools.


Stan (1st VP)

Parade insurance. We are covered for a float but not the riders. We would have to obtain the old coverages for the spectators to get that coverage. Going to work walls or form that is removable to set soccer trailer up for the next parade. Requested cheer to decorate it.


Dan (2nd VP):

Dicks donation is completed for the season.

Working on Sports authority


Randy (Treasurer):

Not present at this time


Dave (Secretary):

Nothing new




Working on managers and team parents.



Umpire assignor is setup.

Schedules are mostly done for home games

Raffle tickets are handed out.

All-star game is 6/4/16.

Confirm with Brandi when the money is due for the raffle.

New bylaws are distributed to coaches

Looking forward to secure fields for next year as a group.


Baseball Shed Manager:

3/26 is field day for both baseball and softball.

Extension on fence should happen.

Supplies are ok’d to get from list previously issued.



90 players /7 teams.

Games Monday -Wednesday/PD has Thursday and then back to us on Friday for this program.

Field is open to rec on Saturday.

Lights are operational as of this week

Schedule to be sent to Joe to be Inputted into quick scores.

Concession stand should be open and have similar menu.

Spirit wear?




Sophomore boy’s division is down but has field being setup with Lance



Finishing indoor

Outdoor practices maybe next week with lights

Sponsored ref clinics with 25 new candidates.

Red stars game and fire game to be scheduled

Outdoor season is starting 4/17.

Veterans park is closed but a friend has been sent to Ron at the PD.

Suggested to go to the TP board meeting




45 less at t-ball level

PD meeting for fields

Frankfort meeting and schedules will be posted

Open gym at central middle school for all ages

Pixies- some have done buyout. To be refunded as they don’t play at Bettenhausen





Looking at facilities for indoor program. MPX might be able to accommodate. would finish late February/Early March for completion.

Roma looking to start up indoor program.

Freedom field? Lock box? Maybe from football or second rec box



Not present.


Team Mom: Brandis update

Reminder for dicks event this Saturday in the Tinley Store.

Baseball and softball is to stay open till 3/12, end of day.



Have head manager assigned



Not present.


PD Liaison

Already discussed above.

Veterans is off line

Lights the PD will work with our requests.

Memorial field is online.

Ken is to be in charge of cancellations.



Not present.


Field Maintenance (SB & BB):

Not present.


Old Business/ New Business:

Hector Gomez: refund request as listed in verbal and written format.

Ethics is involved and once they complete their investigation and present their findings, a decision will be made.

Patti McPeek voiced that refund due to them quitting team. Mr. Gomez stated his son was bullied on team. Presented email and requested that he proved this to ethics.

Lance:  travel did release player and was in good financial standings. Release to be done within the next two weeks.