January 12, 2016 Open Board Meeting


Steve (President) / Stan (1st VP)

Background checks on coaches and asst. coaches once accepted by commissioner. To be done through sports signup.

Keys being copied and identified. Once done Stan will meet each commissioner to id what key is what.

Bi-laws and constitution changes are in progress

Concession stand electrical will be addressed in the next few weeks.


Dan (2nd VP):

Dicks sporting goods 1/20 &2/23 5:30 -8:30 walk up.

Dicks is sponsoring us again and list was made. $1,500.00 plus equipment for about a total value of $9,000.00.

In Store Dicks event is March 12 with 20% off that day.


Randy (Treasurer):

Meeting with accountants in next few weeks to update acct codes.

Would like to mail checks in lieu of the box.

All deposits to randy and notify if cash is in deposit

Mike M is asst to handle baseball and softball

Looking for travel soccer asst with treasurer.

Looking for budgets



Staying with minor league stock. Has request in for samples for registration



Working with travel for fields

Meeting on 1/25 for LR to identify whom is going to continue



? PD Meeting date??  Not set yet.

Meeting with Frankfort at end of month to go over rules.

Open gyms for in house once a month.

?bi-laws for travel?

Will have answer by end of month



Play 60 is approved.

Blue island is requesting to place us in their book.  But we need 80% residency in Tinley.

Possible Out of district fee due to advertising in other townships.

Mokena flag opens in two weeks. Can we open early?

Have Brandi open now.

Need to start scouting indoor locations.

Also need to start figuring out indoor season.



Open online 2/1 signups

And join walk in On 2/23

Second walk up at all stars

Emailed junction as one team placed 3rd place.

Dave to follow up with junction if it will run.  Brenda to forward info to Dave.

Working on budget and estimating 100 players. Possibly $210.00 per player but will confirm.



Nick Bohlsen and Steve Roberts to take the role. Steve to be lead in this position.



Flyer for Irish parade done and we are entered.

Early registration discounts? We adjusted our fee accordingly for Shetland and pixie

Flyer is done for virtual backpack and 146. Waiting on new logo to complete.

Will Dicks allow us to place flyer in window.

Farmers market is on the list to do.

Charity drive during opening day parade.

When is opening day parade. June 4/5as potential day?

Lawn signs are available.

Banner. Has two currently

Logo on uniforms?

Flyers need permit to distribute.



Spirit wear:

Currently no volume discount.

Wants to have email with requested information from board.

Website was built for free

Using our items with our prices that we set

Randy has requested for rate sheet since spring.

Mary to provide spreadsheet with her accounting of Spiritwear.

We are going to discount old logo wear with old bobcat.

Mary to send Randy contact information so Randy can get info.


Concession stand:


Neutral concession commissioner requested

Sunday manager was only to open and close Sunday. Whomever it may be.

The schedule is not to cut any hours as well as be open Sunday’s.


Old Business

2016 budgets


New Business

Discover Tinley. April 2. Danielle to setup signup sheet to cover times.

Michelle will have helpers in April