Board Meeting 12/8/15

Field Maintenance :

Soccer side garage door opener to be replaced from Menards.

Lights for challengers?  When are they to be installed.

Damage to some of the equipment for the lights.

Park district ? Extension for field #2 first baseline?  Would help with foul balls etc.



Nick bohlson as potential ethics officer?  Cook county detective. Works nights   Presented by Brenda and confirmed by Dave



Church for registration in Jan/February   Email commissioners dates of registration and times. Possibly to occur on 1-20 &2-23



As of 10-31-15

Unallocated fees from October  from card swiper 23.4k

Concessions down about 12k but costs up 6k

Nsf fees 1.7k so trying to avoid checks

Checks for separate sports at registrations is required

All expenses are up but also due to challengers

Soccer uniforms fees need invoices turned in timely manor – LATE Outstanding is outdoor fall

Check cutting: needs some reissued as they are from wrong acct (by checks).



nothing new but old invoices to address with Brandi and Randy


Baseball /softball

Reduced fees for Shetland and pixies


Travel Soccer:

Check request issue? can check stub have invoice or ref on them

3 teams win division

2 teams finished second place

13 teams to return in spring

Martins team has a coach.  Ed and trainer


Indoor Soccer:

Numbers up

Girls out number boys

Responsive coaches

Scheduling is taking longer from hallmark

U8-12 teams have decent competition a

U13 using some travels teams to play against

Training sessions are upcoming

Bags and hats issuing this weekend

Fury may be playing a team down to win against our u8 teams. Ron to confirm in the next few weeks

Invoice for bags and hats to be tagged as general fund

To do:

Registration for 2nd session should have more information available

Need to announce a few training sessions for players for indoor and spring.

Create list online for soccer clinics



Dawn LaCie for Brenda as game team LR ?

Confirmed 5 fee increase per player

3 teams went to state

JV (Brenda’s) team won state for their division

Photo for junction with names and consent is in registration already for names to be used in paper.

2nd grade game teams try for competition next year

Possibly get a 4th grade team for competition

All stars asking to modify our floor to spring floor from dead floor.

Our floor is 5k.

Look to get written agreement and non damage waiver from All Stars. As well as will it be removed once July comes around


Candy sales?  For comp teams?  Can they fund raise and apply to the fee of player and have fees directed to comp fees instead of general funds?


Randy – possibly raffle tickets in lieu of candy?  Brenda to look at this as an option. As well as breaking out comp into own accting account.


Flag football:

Flag needs certificate for NFL program -Randy to verify requirements

Season Closed

Uniform is $25 and covered with footballs by NFL PLAY 60

Looking to add names to NFL jerseys and possibly shoulder number?

Looking at rules to see if we should modify for our program.


Non football related:  Super Bowl raffle in Lockport with a cap on quantity of tickets. Possibly as alternative to candy


PT Softball:

Softball bylaws?

Logo for new uniforms..

Randy, Dave & Stan good with new logo..  Voted upon tonight as a go.

Logo from b creative.

Travel marketing budget per team?  Directed to Danielle / assigned coordinator to get some costs.


Marketing :

St. party’s parade we are in with purchase of set shirts for specific quantity.


Spirit wear:

?Change of logo. Big undertaking.

Need logo asap!!

$ is sent directly to him and then cutting us check for our profit

Kevin at graphics 2000

Only we, the organization would have to cut a check if we do a bulk order to kevin.

Possible link at registration for players to order during registration process.

No agreement for margins/profit. Sold for us on what price we set and he has set fee per item.

Challenger spirit wear??

Board looking for rate sheet from him. Randy to email Mary request.

Stuck with football Spiritwear as not nfl licensed and didn’t move.



Request was for more help ,less hours, no Sunday’s and no bobcat bucks.


Most late games food was either half off or given away.   Mostly made $15-20 in late shift. But lost $ in waste. Suggesting to eliminate late shift till school is out.

Sunday suggesting soft open with limited menu. Time spent is counterproductive for cleaning of equipment v. Sales.

Mary and Jesse believe Income is down partly due to rain and no opening day parade.

Lost or broke even on pizza and looking to go back to jets. Easy to work with.

Village would at times just drop a pizza at random without an order.

Board is buying drop safe, cash register and cameras

Request for 2 cash registers?

Requested Screen door To control access

Need a New exhaust fan…or possible portable ac?  Mary’s husband deals with ac’s

Hot dog machine is in bad shape. Looking for roller machine and they will provide cost and details.


New business:

Suggested: General waiver related to photo and name use in publications (newspaper /Facebook, etc) for all sports to be added on registration form by Phil.

Suggested: Girls lacrosse suggested by Ron as no place here. Spring sport only.

Mike m. To be asst treasurer for travel starting on. Jan 2016 for baseball. Soccer and other sports open.


End of meeting