Registration for 2019

2019 Spring Softball Online Registration is OPEN, you will be able to use your credits/shares you earned from previous volunteer years you might have ( to check how many you have please go to you online “Family Account” and it will tell you) and also pay with a credit card.  If you need to pay by check and can not make one of the walk updates please contact for directions.

This year we are going away from Paper since you can prefill out your registration online through your Family Account.  If you need to write a check please go into your “Family Account” register your child(ren)/yourself for volunteer spot(s) all the way  to the check out option and write a check for the amount that is in your shopping cart.  You can attend a walk up to turn in your check and we can answer any questions.  Once the walk up dates are established we will post below.

Pricing till January 20th, after the 20th add $10.00 to all division except for Pixie T


  • Pixie T (5-6 yrs old) $55.00 (This division doesn’t come with pants, you can purchase for an additional $10.00)
  • Barrettes (7-8 yrs old) – $110.00
  • Ponytails (9-10 yrs old) – $125.00
  • Powderpuff (11-12 yrs old) – $140.00
  • Diamond (13-14 yrs old) – $155.00