Pricing prior to January 20th, after January 20th add $10.00 to all division except for Freshman Division

  • Freshman Division (Pre-K to Kindergarten) – $115.00
  • Sophomore Division (1st & 2nd Grade) – $115.00
  • Junior Division (3rd, 4th & 5th Grade) – $125.00
  • Senior Division (6th, 7th & 8th Grade) – $125.00

o Optional $30 credit if you reuse your uniform (black and yellow reversible) from previous years.

Required Equipment that you will need to supply (Soccer ball (Size 3 for Division 1, Size 4 for Division 2 – 4 and Size 5 ball for Division 1), Shin Guards and if you would like soccer cleats otherwise gym shoes are fine).

Mandatory Participation: I understand and agree that in registering my child(ren) in the Tinley Park Bobcats programs, I will insure the sale/purchase of Association-approved and distributed fundraiser for the sole intent and purpose of raising funds for the Association. Waiver: I understand that I may elect to pay an additional $40.00 at the time of registration and, in doing so; my required participation in the candy sale is waived.

The Spring Season starts at the end of April and goes till the middle of June.

The Fall Season starts at the end of July and goes till the Middle of October.

Practices – One of the perks of being a Head Coach is you pick your practice schedule and location so you will find that information from your Head Coach.  You will not have more than 2 practices in a week.

Games – Once games start practices end, your coach might choose to have a practice every once and while to fill in gaps between games but they are not mandatory to attend.  Game schedule will be up online before the start of the practices so you will have that in advance.  Games are Monday thru Saturday.  Monday thru Friday games start at 6pm (except in the Fall Season, September thru October games start at 5:30pm).

Game Reschedule – Please make sure to check Quickscores often.  We aim to play between 12 – 14 games in a season, we have factored in make up games in the beginning of the year so on your schedule you might have up to 16 games but this saves from having to add a day here or there for rain outs.