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Lance More – Travel Soccer Commissioner –

We are proud to be a part of the Bobcats Soccer program…we have one of the largest, best organized, recreation leagues in the area.  We have enthusiastic coaches, kids who love to play the game and a travel soccer program focused on skill development, team play and fun.

Our Bobcats Travel Soccer program gives those players who love the game a chance to test their skills at the next level.  For the 2016-17 Season we will have 16 teams including Boys (NISL):  U10 (Black & Gold), U12, U13, U14, U15 (Black & Gold) and Girls (IWSL): U9 (new), U10 (new), U11 (Black & Gold), U12, U13 (new), U14, U15 (Black & Gold).

In the fall 2015 we had three teams take 1st in their divisions and two teams that finished in a close 2nd.   In the spring 2016 season we had 3 division champions (U8 boys, U9 girls, U12 girls).  We have 2 boys teams playing at the platinum level and 4 girls teams at the B or AB Level.

The TP Bobcats will continue to sponsor soccer skills sessions in 2016.  These sessions provide a unique opportunity to work on individual foot skills (dribbling, ball control, passing, finishing) with professional trainers.  We encourage you to take advantage of this training and have some fun.

If you are interested in travel soccer and would like additional information about our club, please contact me at Travel Soccer Commissioner.

Best wishes to all of the Tinley Park Bobcats soccer teams for success this spring.   Work hard, play hard, and have some fun!


Current Travel Teams:

  • U15 Boys Black NISL – Coaches:  Alex Freidine, Steve Bosco
  • U15 Girls Black IWSL – Coaches: Lance More; Christian Boyle
  • U15 Boys Gold NISL  – Coaches: Ron Wagner; Lance More
  • U15 Girls Gold IWSL – Coaches: Christian Michel, Mike Talty
  • U14 Boys Black NISL  – Coaches: Don Carter
  • U14 Girls Black IWSL – Coaches: Mark Crotty; Alex Kreydich
  • U13 Boys Black NISL – Coaches: Jeff Floerke, Luke Vant Land; John Le
  • U13 Girls Black IWSL – Coach Ron Wagner
  • U12 Girls Black IWSL – Coaches: Steve Bosco; Alex Kreydich
  • U12 Boys Black NISL – Coaches: Jerry Thornburg; Harry Avanetes
  • U11 Girls Black IWSL – Coaches: Brian Waishwell; Mark Crotty
  • U11 Girls Gold IWSL – Coaches: Mike Fitzgerald, Melody Grasser
  • U10 Coed Black NISL – Coaches Jorge Avila, Eddie Martinez
  • U10 Girls Black IWSL – Coaches: Bruno Carrillo; Mario Rocha
  • U10 Boys Gold IWSL – Coaches: Luke Vant Land; Adan Villareal
  • U9 Girls Black IWSL – Coaches: Jeff Floerke