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Current Travel Teams:

  • 2002 (U17) Girls Black IWSL – Coach:  Mario Perez
  • 2002 (U17) Boys Black YSSL – Coach: Steve Bosco
  • 2002 (U17) Boys Gold YSSL – Coach: Ron Wagner
  • 2003 (U16) Boys Black NISL  – Coaches: Don Carter, Steve Granat
  • 2003 (U16) Girls Black IWSL – Coaches: Mark Crotty, Alex Kreydich
  • 2004 (U15) Boys Black NISL – Coaches:  Luke Vant Land, John Le, Chris Lewis
  • 2004 (U15) Girls Black IWSL – Coach Ron Wagner, Dave Dykstra
  • 2005 (U14) Girls Black IWSL – Coaches: Steve Bosco,  Alex Kreydich
  • 2005 (U14) Boys Black NISL – Coaches: Harry Avanetes, Chris Solomon
  • 2006 (U13) Girls Black IWSL – Coaches: Brian Waishwell, Mark Crotty
  • 2006 (U13) Girls Gold IWSL – Coaches: Mike Fitzgerald, Melody Grasser
  • 2006 (U13) Boys Black YSSL – Coach: Jorge Avila, John DeVriendt
  • 2007 (U12) Boys Black YSSL – Coaches Luke Vant Land, Adam Villareal
  • 2007 (U12) Girls Black IWSL – Coaches:  Bruno Carrillo, Mike Talty
  • 2008 (U11) Boys Black -COMING SOON
  • 2008 (U11) Girls Black IWSL – Coaches: Jeff Floerke, Nick Karnezis
  • 2009 (U10) Girls Black IWSL – Coach: Chris Lewis
  • 2010 (U09) Girls Black IWSL – Coach: Gina Arguelles, Robert Szklanecki
  • 2010 (U09) Boys Black YSSL – Coach: Nick Karnezis

For more information please contact:


Jorge Avila – Travel Soccer Commissioner –

The TP BOBCATS SC has a Mission to help each club player develop to their fullest potential.  We focus on skill, teamwork and tactical development by offering a wide range of opportunities to all players at an affordable cost.  Our goal is development and success will follow.

Our travel soccer program gives those players who love the game a chance to test their skills at the next level in a fun, supportive environment.   Our teams play in the Northern Illinois Soccer League, Illinois Women’s Soccer League and and winter leagues in our area.  Our club also offers competitive Futsal program,  advanced skill training camps (summer, winter) and speed & agility training.

If you are interested in travel soccer and would like additional information about our club, please contact me at

Best wishes to all of the Tinley Park Bobcats soccer teams for success this season.   Work hard, play hard, and have some fun!