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Walk Up Registration for 2017

Spring Baseball, Softball and Soccer Online Registration is OPEN, you will be able to use your credits/shares you earned from previous volunteer years you might have ( to check how many you have please go to you online “Family Account” and it will tell you) and also pay with a credit card.  If you need to pay by check and can not make one of the walk updates please contact for directions.

This year we are going away from Paper since you can prefill out your registration online through your Family Account.  If you need to write a check please go into your “Family Account” register your child(ren)/yourself for volunteer spot(s) all the way  to the check out option and write a check for the amount that is in your shopping cart.  You can attend a walk up to turn in your check and we can answer any questions.

You will be able to register for the following sports at the walk up registration:

January 24th – 6:00pm – 8:30pm at Dick’s on 191st Street

February 8th – 6:00pm – 8:30pm at Dick’s on 191st Street

March 4th – 11:00am – 3:00pm  at Dick’s on 191st Street

Soccer (Commissioner Phil Villasenor –

    • Freshman Division (Pre-K to Kindergarten) – $115.00
    • Sophomore Division (1st & 2nd Grade) – $115.00
    • Junior Division (3rd, 4th & 5th Grade) – $125.00
    • Senior Division (6th, 7th & 8th Grade) – $125.00
    • Optional $30 credit if you reuse your uniform (black and yellow reversible) from previous years

Baseball (Commissioner Tony Silvia –

      • Shetland (5-6 yrs old) – $55.00
      • Pinto (7-8 yrs old) – $110.00
      • Mustang (9-10 yrs old) – $125.00
      • Bronco (11-12 yrs old) – $140.00
      • Pony (13-14 yrs old) – $155.00
      • Colts/Palomino (15-18 yrs old) – $190.00

Softball (Commissioner Michelle Cerullo –

      • Pixie T (5-6 yrs old) – $55.00
      • Barrettes (7-8 yrs old) – $110.00
      • Ponytails (9-10 yrs old) – $125.00
      • Powderpuff (11-12 yrs old) – $140.00
      • Diamond (13-14 yrs old) – $155.00
      • High School (15-18 yrs old) – $190.00

3rd Annual Memorial Day Classic 2016 – Flier and Registration form to the right

Join the Tinley Park Bobcats for our 3rd Annual

Memorial Day Classic 2016

Memorial Day Weekend

Wednesday, May 25th thru Monday, May 30th

10U Open and 11U Open * No Elite Teams

Basic Pont Baseball Rules

Bettenhausen Field: 16500 76th Avenue, Tinley Park IL

Entry Fee: $450 before December 14, 2015

$500 after December 14, 2015

10U Contact: Dan LoConte, or 708-560-6439

11U Contact: Jim Keating, or 708-670-5980

To be involved in any of the Bobcats recreational programs

Each team commits to run the concession stand at Bettenhausen Park as well as participate in the fundraising program. In addition, donations from businesses, companies, and individuals are always welcome as the Bobcats is a non-profit, tax-exempt civic organization dedicated to helping our south suburban youth. You can help by donating your time, talents, resources. To begin your corporate donation now, contact the Sport Specific Commissioner or the Treasurer of the Bobcats (contact information on the “Contact Us” page at the top).

Tinley Park Bobcat Request Policy Change

The Bobcats have moved away from a request policy and have implemented a draft for levels Pinto through Pony. The reason for the change is to insure balanced competitive teams. Tee Ball requests are still accepted. For more information please contact a Bobcat member via e-mail or hotline.