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Pricing and Divisions

Prior to January 20th Pricing, after the 20th add $10.00 to all divisions except for Shetland.

  • Shetland (Pre-K to Kindergarten) $55.00 (This division doesn’t come with pants, you can purchase for an additional $10.00)
  • Pinto (1st & 2nd Grade) – $110.00
  • Mustang (3rd & 4th Grade) – $125.00
  • Bronco (5th & 6th Grade) – $140.00
  • Pony (7th & 8th Grade) – $155.00
  • Colt/Palomino – 15-18 years old

To be involved in any of the Bobcats recreational programs

Each team commits to run the concession stand at Bettenhausen Park as well as participate in the fundraising program. In addition, donations from businesses, companies, and individuals are always welcome as the Bobcats is a non-profit, tax-exempt civic organization dedicated to helping our south suburban youth. You can help by donating your time, talents, resources. To begin your corporate donation now, contact the Sport Specific Commissioner or the Treasurer of the Bobcats (contact information on the “Contact Us” page at the top).

Tinley Park Bobcat Request Policy Change

The Bobcats have moved away from a request policy and have implemented a draft for levels Pinto through Pony. The reason for the change is to insure balanced competitive teams. Tee Ball requests are still accepted. For more information please contact a Bobcat member via e-mail or hotline.