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Dick’s Day on April 7th and 8th!

I know we are getting excited about the Spring Season.  If you still need gear for the season here is a coupon for Dick’s that is good the whole weekend.


Required Equipment per sport:

Baseball – Glove and Cup, for all divisions other than Shetland spikes

Softball – Glove and face mask are required.  Bat and spikes are suggested.

Soccer – Shin Guards and soccer ball.  If you would like spikes, you can not have a toe spike.

11U White


  • Jeff Watzke

Assistant Coaches:

  • Randy Goss
  • Eric Carroll
  • Jose Valdivia


  • 2 – Devin Goss
  • 6 – Nate Dunlap
  • 7 – Sal Falco
  • 14 – Gabe Watzke
  • 17 – A.J. Roberts
  • 22 – Alex Pavelka
  • 23 – Bobby Bartolini
  • 24 – Jace Carroll
  • 25 – Bryan Barker
  • 28 – Benjamin Valdivia
  • 35 – Aidan Penoyer

9U Gold


  • Mike Dinnon

Assistant Coaches:

  • Ron Varek
  • Todd Jones
  • Mike Minetti


  • 3 – Ryan Jones
  • 4 – Liam DeKerf
  • 6 – Coy Workman
  • 9 – Bret Varek
  • 10 – Luke Dubsky
  • 11 – Mason Minetti
  • 17 – Lucas Ervin
  • 22 – Dylan Werner
  • 24 – Ryan Dinnon
  • 27 – Varun Paluri
  • 80 – Ryan Wollschlager


To be involved in any of the Bobcats recreational programs

Each team commits to run the concession stand at Bettenhausen Park as well as participate in the fundraising program. In addition, donations from businesses, companies, and individuals are always welcome as the Bobcats is a non-profit, tax-exempt civic organization dedicated to helping our south suburban youth. You can help by donating your time, talents, resources. To begin your corporate donation now, contact the Sport Specific Commissioner or the Treasurer of the Bobcats (contact information on the “Contact Us” page at the top).

Board Meeting October 10, 2017

Tinley Park Bobcats

Board Meeting Minutes

October 10, 2017




  • Steve Bosco, President
  • Randall Goss, Treasurer
  • Bill Insley, Secretary
  • Dan LoConte, 2nd Vice-President
  • Brenda Nelson, Cheer Commissioner
  • Brian Burke, Flag Football Commissioner
  • Jim Keating, Travel Baseball Commissioner
  • Danielle Gorajski, Head of Marketing
  • John Gorajski


Discussion Items


  • Steve Bosco:
    • Internal discussions in the prior week regarding budgets.
      • All travel teams (Full-Time and Part-Time) are required to turn in budgets to the Treasurer.
      • Rec sport budgets are due November 1st.
      • Travel sport budgets are overdue.
    • This past Sunday, a rec soccer team was having a kids v. parents scrimmage. One of the parents went into cardiac arrest.  Fortunately, an assistant coach performed CPR and saved the parent’s life.
      • Steve has contacted the Fire Department to get information on CPR classes to offer to all volunteer coaches. Such classes would not be mandatory, but would be made available for anyone interested.
      • The Bobcats would like to recognize the assistant coach in some way.
    • Dan LoConte
      • No discussion items for the meeting.


  • Bill Insley
    • No discussion items for the meeting.
    • As Michelle Cerullo was not present, Bill read her e-mail that provides the following softball update:


  • Michelle Cerullo – Softball Update:
    • Fall Ball games end this week.
    • All medals were distributed to coaches.
    • Marcia is working on getting a clinic together for softball.
    • Open gyms will start once or twice a month for all levels – this starts in a few weeks.


  • Randy Goss
    • Thus far, travel budgets have been received for all of Travel Soccer and approximately 5 travel baseball teams.
      • No budgets received from travel softball.
    • Randy has modified the check requests and deposit forms to reduce redundancies in the forms.
      • They were provided to the assistant treasurers (Mike Minetti and Charlie Wurster) and is awaiting comments.
      • Once they are ready, they will be distributed to all of the commissioners to further distribute to the travel coaches.


  • Jim Keating
    • Update on Travel Baseball Uniforms
      • The fitting for all of the travel baseball teams will take place on Tuesday, October 24th, between 5pm and 9pm at the Devine Center behind St. Julie’s.
    • Fall Field Clean-up at Bettenhausen Park
      • Scheduled for Saturday, October 28th at 9:00am
      • Back-up day is Sunday, October 29th
    • Steve states that there are two (2) fire safe cabinets on the soccer side of the shed. At the field clean-up, one of those cabinets should be moved to the baseball side to contain all aerosols and any other flammable items.
    • Estimates for the indoor sprinkling system on Field #1 at Bettenhausen were provided to the Board. The Board has since approved the project and it will begin in the late fall.
    • An estimate was also provided for outfield sprinklers – too expensive to do in 2017 – may be re-visited next year.
    • A new Field Maintenance person is needed to handle Bettenhausen fields. Jim will help to transition this role to the new person.


  • Cheer Update – Brenda Nelson:
    • No discussion items for the meeting.




  • Flag Football Update – Brian Burke:
    • Two more weeks of the Flag Football season.
    • Still waiting to get confirmation of Andrew’s main field for the Super Bowl, scheduled for October 22nd.
    • Pro Bowl to be on for 2nd year in a row – October 29th.
    • Issue with a coach in the 2nd-3rd grade division. He was thrown out of the game, but refused to leave the field.  He as since been suspended indefinitely.
    • Issues with referees – no different than in prior years.
    • Indoor Flag
      • Struggling with registrations
      • Hoping to get enough for at least one division – use it as a pilot program, if possible.
      • Extending the registration deadline date to Friday (October 13, 2017).
      • If indoor flag does not happen, then the indoor space can be used for Soccer.


  • Marketing Update – Danielle:
    • Food Drive wrapped up.
      • Lower donation amount than the prior year (1,000 items v. 620 items)
      • Attributed to donations made to people affected by the hurricanes down south.
    • Pushed indoor flag heavily
      • Most popular reason for families not signing up – too many conflicts.


  • Wrap-Up:
    • Next month – election for Treasurer
    • Election to begin at 7:30pm and go until 8:30pm
    • Nick Bohlsen or Steve Roberts from Ethics to oversee election results.