2018 Travel Softball Tryouts

FULL Travel try outs for 10U, 12U, 14U FT August 4th, 5th, 6th at Bettenhausen Field 16440 76th Ave., Tinley Park August 4th 6pm to 8pm 12U & 14U August…

2018 Tryouts for Travel Baseball

FULLTIME TRAVEL BASEBALL TRYOUTS REQUIRED ATTIRE & EQUIPMENT: Baseball pants & hat, athletic cup, spikes, and other safety gear. Glove, bat, helmet, etc. Don’t forget a cold drink.   14U…


Volunteers Needed!

Parent volunteers are the heart and soul of our organization. Volunteers are needed in all the sports programs including, coordinators, coaches, field maintenance, etc.

Training and resources will be provided to ALL VOLUNTEERS.

Teams can only be formed if there are parents who come forward to coordinate the programs and coach the teams. If you have already thought about the possibility of helping the Bobcats, now is a good time to consider it again.

Please contact the Bobcats if you can lend a hand. Thank you!


The Tinley Park Bobcats offer scholarships to Tinley Park and Kirby School District 140 residents who have come upon hard times. Confidential requests can be made by sending a detailed email through this website.


The Bobcats will issue refunds for medical reasons or family relocation. Any other extraordinary circumstances may only be granted with board approval.